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Specialist Diploma in Corporate Compliance 3.0

Specialist Diploma in Corporate Compliance 3.0

Academic area

Law and Political Science


4 months




In person / online



Student profile

Compliance Professionals who want to update their knowledge and gain experience in the management of the latest risks.

Admission and enrolment

Application for admission via the website, sending documentation, and formalization of admission to the University.

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Dates and timetable

Fridays from 16:00 to 20:00 and Saturdays from 09:00 to 13:00, from March 2024 to June 2024

Academic Calendar

Certified program led by a team of Compliance experts

Why study at the UAO CEU?

1. Employability

94.6% of our students find employment at the end of their studies (AQU 2023 labour market insertion survey).

2. Why study the Specialist Diploma in Corporate Compliance 3.0?

Certified program partly co-directed by Deloitte Legal and Blockchain Intelligence with a clear practical, professional approach that introduces participants to and, at the same time, enables them to acquire the skills necessary to strengthen their experience in the Compliance sector and to specialize in innovative aspects such as Cybersecurity and Blockchain technology.

3. Qualifications

This Diploma leads to the following qualifications:

- University Expert Diploma in Corporate Compliance 3.0
- Certificate of Expert in Compliance and Cybersecurity (UAO CEU and Deloitte)
- Certificate of Legal and Compliance Expert in Blockchain and Web 3.0, Smart Contracts, Tokenization and Cryptoactives (General Council of Lawyers, FELABAN and Blockchain Intelligence).

Membership of the Alumni community and enjoyment of the associated benefits of the Abat Oliba CEU University  and Blockchain Intelligence.

4. Format

Classes can be followed in person in the classroom or online.

5. Teaching staff

The teaching staff is made up of prestigious professionals with proven teaching and professional experience.

6. Career opportunities

Professional profiles related to the function of Compliance Officer ranging from the design, implementation and control of a global Compliance, Risk or Criminal Prevention System, to its evaluation, both in the public and private sector, including but not limited to the roles of external/internal Compliance Advisor, (Chief) Compliance Officer, Risk Analyst, Compliance Program Auditor, AML/CFT Technician, Risk Manager, etc.

As a result of collaborations with various professional Compliance entities, there is the possibility of professional internships.

7. Information resources

The Library Service is conceived as a support unit for study and research. Its most important objective is to meet the educative and scientific demands. It has convenient opening hours, including weekends, with the best computer equipment. In addition, the UAO CEU offers to all the University community a vast digital storage, with free access to its publications from its docent, research or institutional activities carried out by teachers, students or former students from the University.



Corporate Compliance 3.0


Module 1: Practical cases and professional approaches to Compliance

- Compliance role-play scenarios
- Career opportunities in compliance
- Presentation of associations and meeting and work forums
- Compliance, cybersecurity and blockchain

Module 2: Compliance and cybersecurity

- Relationship between Compliance and Cybersecurity
- Critical infrastructures
- Reporting: different regulatory bodies and authorities
- Security breaches
- The insurance sector and cyber damages management
- The new Unified Cybersecurity Code
- Crisis management capacities and strategies
- Cybercrime and its investigation
- Civil liability arising from a cyberattack
- Digital Forensics
- Compliance 4.0. Multidisciplinary management of cyber risks

Module 3: Compliance and blockchain technology

- Blockchain technology, bitcoin, Ethereum
- Digital identity: Signature, identification, certificates
- Blockchain and commercial law
- Smart contracts
- Blockchain and procedural law
- Tokenization of real estate assets
- Digital assets: Asset tokenization and regulation
- Regulatory compliance
- Governance and associated risks
- Data protection applied to blockchain
- Regulations for the tokenization of financial assets


Teaching Staff 


Direction and academic coordination

Ariadna Torrijos. Commercial lawyer. Director and coordinator of the Master’s program. Head of the Governance, Risk & Compliance Department at Alter Domus (Spain). Doctorate in Legal Liability from the University of León.


- Jordi Azofra Lluch: Specialist in Strategy, Corporate Governance, Risks and Compliance. Director at PwC.
- Marta del Coto Ibarra: Senior Consultant at Iterlegis Legal Staffing Solutions, S.L.
- Rodrigo González Ruiz: Digital Law Associate at Deloitte Legal
- Silvia Zamorano Baca: Senior Regulatory & Compliance Associate at Deloitte Legal
- Victor Antonio Garcia Garcia: Cybersecurity and IT Risk Manager at Deloitte
- Olga Fraga: Senior Regulatory & Compliance Associate at Deloitte Legal
- Rawan Nazmi-Issa: Manager of Cyber Risk at Deloitte
- Jaime Sanz: Risk & Compliance Associate at ALTAMAR
- Rodrigo Gonzalez: Digital Law Associate at Deloitte Legal
- Anna Mets: Head of Cyber Policy Management at HISCOX
- Manuel Sanchez Soler: Senior Regulatory & Compliance Associate at Deloitte Legal
- Laura Chillenato: Experienced Senior Cyber Risk Manager at Deloitte
- Erika Diaz de Argandola: Senior Communication/Consulting Manager at Deloitte
- Alejandra Polo: Head of Compliance at EDP Renewables
- Leon Gonzalez Merce: Senior Regulatory & Compliance Associate at Deloitte Legal
- Eloy Velasco: Spanish High Court Magistrate
- Oscar de la Cruz: Guardia Civil UCO – international cooperation
- Beatriz Hernandez: Senior Regulatory & Compliance Associate at Deloitte Legal
- Ignacio Garcia: Risk Advisory Partner at Deloitte
- Alvaro Alarcón: Senior Dispute Resolution Associate at Deloitte Legal
- Ivan Ruiz Lopez: Analytic & Forensic Technology Director at Deloitte Financial Advisory
- Carlos de Jorge: Digital Law Associate at Deloitte Legal
- Daniel Choliz: Counsel at Deloitte Legal
- Jaime Ferrer Marfil: Cyber Risk Manager at Deloitte

The module 3 teaching staff is made up of lawyers and technical professionals specializing in Blockchain, carefully selected for their experience and trajectory by Blockchain Intelligence. 


The Abat Oliba CEU University has a close relationship with companies and institutions in the sector. Among them are worth noting:


Prices and grants 


On-site students: €4,485*
Online students: €4,215*

*Current price for the 2023-24 academic year

The academic fees correspond solely and exclusively to the provision of the teaching service of the degree enrolled on, this being the only service relating to the payment of these fees. By registering, the student consents and accepts that the teaching, tutorials, internships and evaluation tests may be face-to-face or remote (when the competent authorities so require, either directly or indirectly).

The obligation to pay the aforementioned fees in full will still apply even in the event that, for reasons beyond the University’s control, some of the training activities included in the degree cannot be carried out according to the teaching schedule established at the beginning of the academic year. Should this occur, the University will guarantee the student that said activity will be rescheduled whenever possible, taking into account the interest of the students and the other academic criteria that may apply.



Once the reservation has been formalized, the remaining amount can be paid in the following ways:


    A single payment carries a 3% discount of the tuition fees.


    In 3 instalments.



    In 10 instalments through special bank financing at 0% interest. This also carries a 3% discount of the tuition fees.


    With Banco Santander, CaixaBank, BBVA and Banc Sabadell. This also carries a 3% discount of the tuition fees.


    Students can cancel their reservation up until June 30th. Students can therefore book their places now with full guarantees*


Members of the Association of Regulatory Compliance Professionals (Cumplen, WCA, IOC, COMPCAT) will enjoy a 10% discount on the total amount.


Postgraduate and University Extension Programs
Bellesguard, 30. 08022 Barcelona
Tel. +34 93 253 72 03
[email protected]

Quality and regulations


Compliance professionals who wish to update their knowledge and gain experience in managing the latest risks.
Legal professionals with an interest in becoming acquainted with and learning how to manage cyber risks and those inherent to blockchain technology.


To provide students the appropriate tools to enable them to manage from Compliance the new threats to which entities are subjected as a consequence of the digitalization of the market and the use of Blockchain technology.




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