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Specialization Diploma in Prompt for Artificial Intelligence

Specialization Diploma in Prompt for Artificial Intelligence

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4 months







Student profile 

University degree or equivalent. 

Admissions and enrolment

Applying for access via the website, sending documentation and formalizing admission to the University.

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Calendar and timetable

Monday to Thursday, 17:00-21:00

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Why study at the UAO CEU?

1. Employability

The average employability rate is 94.6% (AQU 2023) in UAO CEU postgraduate studies.

2. Future projection

Today, artificial intelligence is transforming multiple sectors, from medicine to the entertainment industry. Well designed prompts are essential to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of these systems. This degree positions itself at the forefront of this technological revolution, preparing students to be leaders in this emerging field.

3. The importance of training

Training in AI prompts development is vital to ensure that future generations of professionals can create more inclusive, ethical and effective AI systems. In addition, this education fosters a deeper understanding of how technology can be used to solve complex problems in diverse contexts.

This new Specialist Diploma in Prompt for Artificial Intelligence is a program that focuses on the study and creation of effective prompts for AI systems, an increasingly vital field in the digital era.

4. Core competences

1. Creativity and critical thinking: Students will learn to design innovative prompts and to think critically about their impact and applicability.
2. Programming and data analysis: Emphasis will be placed on basic programming skills and data analysis to understand how different prompts interact with AI systems.
3. Ethics and social responsibility: Students will be taught the importance of ethics in AI, especially in the creation of prompts that respect privacy and common values.
4. Communication and interdisciplinary collaboration: Students will develop the skills to communicate effectively and to work in multidisciplinary teams.

5. Impact on businesses and professional sectors

Holders of this diploma will be highly sought-after in various industries. They will be able to lead the development of AI solutions in sectors such as healthcare, education, e-commerce and many others. Their training will allow them not only to implement current technologies but also innovate and create new AI applications, driving growth and transformation in their respective fields.

6. International outlook

Our students gain the language and cultural knowledge necessary to work anywhere in the world.

7. Teaching staff

This program will be taught by lecturers from the UAO CEU and professional lecturers in the field of artificial intelligence and digitalization who come from the technological, professional and specialized field.


Study Plan





Internships and career opportunities


As part of their training, students studying the Specialist Diploma in Prompt for Artificial Intelligence will have to carry out curricular professional internships, guaranteed by the University itself, in companies linked to the technology sector, communication analysis and content creation. Students will have to take these internships in order to be awarded the official qualification.

Taking this program enables graduates to become part of leading professional teams and opens up possibilities of employment in this developing sector.

Students who obtain the Specialist Diploma in Prompt for Artificial Intelligence from the Abat Oliba CEU University can develop their profession in the following areas:

  • You can specialize in the creation and improvement of natural language models, using prompts effectively for specific tasks such as text generation, machine translation and language comprehension.

  • Work on the development of algorithms and NLP systems that harness prompts to improve the comprehension and generation of text by machines.

  • Use your knowledge to design and improve virtual assistants and chatbots that respond more effectively to prompt-based commands and questions.

  • Apply natural language processing techniques to analyse large text datasets, extracting valuable information and patterns that can benefit businesses.

  • Work on the design and development of applications that integrate prompt-based artificial intelligence functionalities, such as recommendation applications, sentiment analysis, or automatic response systems.

  • Focus on text data analysis, using prompts to improve the quality of predictive models and machine learning.

  • Provide advice to companies on how to implement effective natural language processing strategies using prompts, and how to make the most of these technologies in their operations.

  • Contribute to the research and development of new techniques and approaches related to the use of prompts in artificial intelligence and natural language processing.

  • Set up your own business to provide innovative prompt-based solutions to solve specific problems in the field of artificial intelligence and NLP.


€4,695 *

*Current price for the 2024-25 academic year

The academic fees correspond solely and exclusively to the provision of the teaching service of the degree enrolled on, this being the only service corresponding to the payment of those fees. By enrolling, the student consents and accepts that the teaching, tutorials, internships and evaluation tests may be in-person or remote (when the competent authorities so require, either directly or indirectly).

The obligation to pay in full the aforementioned fees will still apply even in the event that, for reasons beyond the University's control, some of the training activities included in the degree cannot be carried out according to the teaching schedule established at the beginning of the academic year. Should this occur, the University will guarantee the student that said activity will be rescheduled when possible, taking into consideration the interest of the students and the other academic criteria that may apply.


Once the reservation has been formalized, the remaining amount of the course fees can be paid in the following ways:

Payment in full

Payment in full carries a 3 % discount on course fees.


In three installments per academic year.

Monthly payment

In 10 instalments through special bank financing with CaixaBank at 0% interest. This method also carries a 3 % discount on course fees.

Other financing agreements

With Banco Santander, CaixaBank, BBVA and Banc Sabadell. These also carry a 3 % discount on course fees.

Cancellation of reservation 

Cancellation of reservation: Students will have until 21 of June to cancel their reserved place. Students can therefore reserve their places now with full guarantees*
*Deadline subject to changes in the official enrolment timetable.


Postgraduate and University Extension Programs
Bellesguard, 30. 08022 Barcelona
Tel. +34 93 253 72 03
[email protected]

Quality and standards


Applicants for the Specialist Diploma in Prompt for Artificial Intelligence must hold a Spanish or foreign higher university degree equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree in the Anglo-Saxon system.

This profile includes:

  • Graduates in Journalism, Audiovisual Communication and Advertising and Public Relations
  • Engineers in technology and telecommunications careers
  • Graduates and diploma holders in other careers where the impact of new technologies is essential
  • Professional groups affected by the new digital context and in need of retraining

This training program does not require prior experience in the field of digital communication and new technologies.


The subjects that make up the Specialist Diploma in Prompt for Artificial Intelligence respond to the need to train students, in an integrated and systematized way, in the professional techniques of application in the fields of communication and digital marketing.

The aim of this program is for students to gain a competitive advantage in the job market and develop an innovative, forward-looking academic career.

The Abat Oliba CEU University, through this diploma, provides cutting-edge training in artificial intelligence, as well as ensuring methodological training for the creation of digital content, specialist advice on the subject and management in the areas of communication and digital marketing in any company, including general media with a digital presence.

In this respect, this program has been developed from a theoretical-practical perspective to provide students with the resources and multimedia knowledge to address the challenges posed by the emerging digital environment.


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