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Academic structure

Abat Oliba CEU University, located in Barcelona, is one of three privately run, social-initiative universities that make up the CEU educational group, established by the Catholic Association of Propagandists. Officially recognised as a university in 2003, it has more than forty years’ experience in the provision of higher education.

Its current structure comprises three faculties (Law and Business; Communication, Education and Humanities; and Psychology) in which undergraduate and graduate studies are taught. One of the University’s most defining features is the satisfaction of its students and the high employability rate of its graduates, as demonstrated in various studies by independent bodies.


Abat Oliba CEU University has three faculties:

Faculty of Law and Business Dean: Dr María Jesús Pesqueira Zamora
Vice-dean: Dr. Francisco Villacampa

Law and Political Science
Business and Economics

Faculty of Communication, Education and Humanities Dean: Dr. Marcin Kazmierczak

Education and Humanities

Faculty of Health Sciences Dean: Dr. Arcadi Gual Sala
Vice-dean: Dr. Jorge Luis Palés Argullós


University departments are the bodies responsible for coordinating teaching in one or more areas of knowledge, at times across various centres, in accordance with the University's teaching programme for the courses assigned by the Governing Board. Departments are also charged with supporting the teaching and research activities of their teaching staff, and carrying out the functions set forth in the Rules of Organisation and Functioning, among other regulations.

Departments group together all the teachers, researchers and interns under their circumscription, as well as the related administrative and services staff.

Department of Communication
Management: Dr Juan Francisco Jiménez Jacinto

Department of Business and Economics
Management: Dr Iván Roa Perera

Department of Law and Political Science
Management: Dr Carlos Pérez del Valle

Department of Psychology
Management: Dr Salut Porras

Department of Education and Humanities
Management: Dr Cintia Carreira Zafra

VITAE University School - affiliated centre



Law and Political Science

Education and Humanities

Business and Economics


Health Sciences

Sport (VITAE University School - affiliated centre)