🎓 Entrepreneurship

We promote the entrepreneurial spirit in all studies



Being an entrepreneur requires a wide range of knowledge, skills and the right attitude. At UAO CEU, we know that this touches on a large number of disciplines, and so we provide the necessary technical preparation students need, be it as a compulsory subject as part of the degree, or in the form of workshops, conferences and other extracurricular activities.

Entrepreneurial skills are intrinsic to the values we strive for in our teaching methodology: hard work, self-improvement, critical analysis, teamwork, problem solving and many others. These are skills that students use on a regular basis as part of their learning.

But it is essential students have the right attitude to successfully take on the challenges involved in starting up a project. At UAO CEU, we stand out for our constant dedication to fostering the enthusiasm that takes, and we offer our students all the resources they will need to make their endeavours in the field of entrepreneurship a true success.


The UAO CEU’s Entrepreneurs Club is an interdisciplinary activity for students of any degree that incentivises entrepreneurship and exploits creativity and innovation in all their forms within the University. The club was set up by the students themselves and continues to be run by them to this day.

The club carries out different activities throughout the academic year, such as workshops to develop business skills, talks with entrepreneurs, attendance at events, visits to companies, entrepreneurship awards and anything else that the different participants wish to propose. In this respect, the club is always open to different student initiatives.

If you like challenges, are a restless, curious person or simply want to enjoy team building with students from other degrees, give us a try and join the club. We are all entrepreneurs in some way.

From the 2023-2024 academic year, the new Entrepreneurs Club committee will be made up of the following students:

President - Ángel Pérez Viniegra, third-year student of the Degree in Advertising and Public Relations + Journalism.

Vice-president - Martí Dausà i Coromí, second-year student of the Degree in Advertising and Public Relations.

Project directors - Irene Collada and Maria Serrano, third-year students of the Degree in Advertising and Public Relations. 

For more information: [email protected]