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Promoting a healthy lifestyle


Our University is a member of the Association of University Sports Clubs of Catalonia and our Sports Service, which coordinates sports-related activities at Abat Oliba CEU University, was founded in 1985.

The Service takes part in university championships, coordinates social tournaments for indoor football and padel, and organises trips every year to compete with other universities in Spain and abroad. We also organise weekend excursions, such as ski trips, adventure raids, scuba diving, kayaking on the Costa Brava and sailing courses.

Abat Oliba CEU University has agreements with gyms to promote regular sporting activity.


Sports Service
Elena Ardiaca
[email protected]

UAO CEU Padel Tournament

XX UAO CEU Padel Tournament

Internal padel tournament held at the Bonasport Club, open to students, PAS, PDI and alumni of UAO CEU.

It will be held on Thursday 19 May.

Registration fee of €20 per pairing.



University Leagues

Club Deportivo Abat-Oliba CEU has successfully taken part in the University League since it was first founded (1985). We are champions in various sports for several seasons and five years ago we were awarded the “Medal of Sporting Merit”. Our members have also reached the top in individual sports as diverse as karate, skiing and fencing.

The group sports we participate in are:

  • Men’s indoor football
  • Women’s indoor football
  • Women’s volleyball
  • Men’s basketball
  • Women’s basketball
  • Men’s football
  • Women’s 7-a-side football
  • Men’s handball

Depending on the level and commitment of each of the teams, they may take part in Catalan University Championships or other Championships of a similar level.

The annual registration fee is 20 euros and this covers uniforms, training, matches and expenses incurred by competitions.

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Spanish championships

Spanish University Championships, which are supported by the Higher Sports Council of the Ministry of Education and Culture, are the highest level of university sport at the state level.

The athletes and teams that are most successful in Catalan University Championships may participate in Spanish University Championships in accordance with the specific technical regulations of each competition.

Catalan championships

Organisation of Catalan University Championships is carried out by the ECU (Esport Català Universitari) with the financial support of the General Directorate of Sports and the Department of Universities, Research and the Information Society. The ECU is made up of representatives from all Catalan universities.

In these championships, all students who stand out for their sporting excellence in the various types of competition may participate in representation of Abat Oliba CEU University.

Promoting Health at University

Providing a healthy work environment is essential in improving the health of our university community, but it also improves productivity, motivation, job satisfaction and overall quality of life.

The Governing Council, in a meeting held on 12 November 2010, approved the conversion of our University into a “Healthy University”.

At the beginning of 2008, the Sports Service of the UAO CEU started to work on the methods that would help us achieve “Healthy University” status.

In December 2010, REUS (the Spanish Network of Healthy Universities) and the Spanish Ministry of Health, Social Policy and Equality approved our project and appointed UAO CEU as a full member.

UAO CEU thereby became the first private university in Catalonia and Spain to be accredited as a “Healthy University”.

The Governing Council of our University undertook to create a team to allocate the necessary resources to bring the project to fruition.


REUS (Spanish Network of Healthy Universities) has signed an agreement with the Ministry of Health, Social Policy and Equality laying out the details of a general agreement between CRUE, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health, Social Policy and Equality.

As a result of our inclusion in this network, we have been involved in several committees of inquiry into:

  • Healthy habits and physical activity in REUS (the Spanish Network)
  • Audit Group of US CAT (the Catalan Network)
  • Health Habits Group of US CAT (the Catalan Network)

All “public health” bodies have requested “Campus of Excellence” status be linked to “Healthy University” status.

Healthy University Report


individual sports

Athletics, badminton, mountain biking, cross country running, duathlon, chess, climbing, fencing, squash, downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, frontennis, golf, judo, karate, marathon, half-marathon, mountain marathon, swimming, padel, pitch&put, canoeing, adventure raid, rowing, snowboarding, taekwondo, tennis, table tennis, archery and light sailing.

To participate in the Catalan Championships, you must complete your registration and hand in your sports curriculum so we can assess your level.

team sports

Men and women’s basketball, men's football, women's 7-a-side football, men and women's indoor football, men and women's handball, roller hockey, men’s rugby, women's 7-a-side rugby, men and women’s volleyball, men and women’s water polo.

These championships are held from November to May. The players who will make up the teams of Abat Oliba CEU University are chosen during the first term. UAO CEU will only take part in sports where a competitive team can be formed.