🎓 Grado en Ciencias Políticas

Grado en Ciencias Políticas

Degree in Political Sciences (International Relations)
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Degree in Political Sciences (International Relations)
Law and Political Science


4 years






Student profile

Have an interest in the organizational systems of society, the configuration and organization of political communities, and the principles and rules that govern personal and social relations. And in the movements, agents and activities of the political world.s.

Admission and enrolment

Application is via the website and documentation and enrolment formalisation is at the University.

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We are the private university in Catalonia with the most experience in the field of law


1. Political Sciences

Political Sciences analyse power, the political system, the State and public administration. In this sense, this degree aims to train competent professionals in areas related to the political world, specifically to activities related to the analysis of and advice and support for political activity and decision-making.

2. Methodology

A practical, personalised educational model with lectures, seminars, workshops and practical case studies, as well as other activities, such as:

  • Practical seminars
  • Rhetoric workshops
  • Visits to local and international institutions
  • Debating Society
3. Internationalization 

- University of Saint Thomas - LL.M. in US Law: Collaboration agreement with the University of Saint Thomas (Minnesota) that will allow UAO CEU students to study the LL.M. in U.S. Law offered by this US centre on advantageous terms.

- International Business Certificate Program CEU - Boston University: students have the opportunity to take this program at the Metropolitan College of Boston University, where they will receive international training linked to their official Law degree studies.

4. Progressive International Development

New international experience itinerary that encourages students to internationalize from their first year through to their fourth.

1st Year: Students will be able to interact and carry out research online with European universities.

2nd Year: We explore the meaning and effects of politics and international law through short trips to Brussels (EU) or Geneva (UNESCO).

3rd Year: We prepare students for the international legal environment through conferences with MEPs and international experts.

4th Year: We broaden our horizons through the Erasmus program or semester-long stays at one of our partner universities in the United States, Mexico and the Netherlands.

Students will be able to study, on advantageous terms, the LL. M. in US Law at the University of Saint Thomas (Minnesota).

5. Research

The Gift & Task Foundation on Bioethics and Law.


Careers and internships


Public Administration, public companies and education are the most common sectors where these degree have their field of job opportunities.

Other main sectors of occupation are:

- Advice and management of NGOs, unions, parties and various associations.
- Diplomatic corps.
- Information offices of companies and organizations.
- Consulting in multinational companies.



In the final year of the degree, students will do an obligatory placement year, or internship, in businesses, offices or institutions in the student's preferred industry.

These practical training programmes, included in the course structure, allow students to apply and enhance what they've learned in the course while acquiring the professional skills that will make their future transition to the workplace much easier.

The work that each student will undertake during the programme will be mutually agreed between the tutor in the business and the Work Placement and Employment Service coordinator in charge of the internship.

Furthermore, students have an academic tutor who provides follow-up and evaluation of the internship to get the most possible out of the placement.

For more information, visit the Work Placement and Employment Service.

  • List of companies

International outlook



*: Places are split between different courses.

Fees and funding 


7.215 €

*Price for the 2024-25 academic year

Tuition fees correspond, solely and exclusively, to the provision of teaching as part of the programme enrolled on, and this is the only service offered in exchange for the payment of those fees. By enrolling, the student accepts that decisions made by the competent authorities may, directly or indirectly, render it necessary to carry out teaching, tutoring, work placements or assessment tests either in person or via distance learning.

The student accepts that they remain obliged to pay any such fees in full even if, for reasons beyond the control of the University, some of the educational activities included in the degree cannot be carried out as initially provided for in the course guides at the beginning of the academic year. If restrictions are part in place, the University will provide the student with a guarantee that the activity will be rescheduled when possible, taking into consideration the interests of the student and any other applicable academic criteria.



It is possible to reserve your place at Abat Oliba CEU University, which guarantees you a place on the course, before you pass the “selectivity” university entrance exam or other entry requirements. You can do this by making a payment of €1500 (which will be deducted from the total price of the course).

Cancelling your place after reservation: Students have until 30 June to cancel their reserved place. This means you can book now and cancel if your circumstances change later on.*

*Deadline for cancelling is subject to changes in the official enrolment calendar.


Once you have formalised reservation of your place, the remaining amount can be paid in the following ways:

  • One-off payment

    A one-off payment entitles you to a discount of 3% on tuition fees.

  • Payment by instalments

    5 instalments per year.


  • Monthly payments

    10 instalments with special 0% interest financing from CaixaBank. This also entitles students to a discount of 3% on tuition fees.

  • new special financing

    New financing agreements with banks with special conditions.

    - Banc Sabadell

    - CaixaBank

    - Banco Santander

    All options entitle prospective students to a discount of 3% on tuition fees.


Please contact the Information Service to arrange personalised economic plans.
Tel. +34 932 53 72 00
[email protected]

Quality and regulation


Have an interest in the organizational systems of society, the configuration and organization of political communities, and the principles and rules that govern personal and social relations. And in the movements, agents and activities of the political world.


The objective of the degree in Political Science is the analysis of power, the political system, the State and the Administration.
It aims to train both citizens and professionals in the range of activities related to the political world (analysis, advice and support for political activity and decision) so that they have a place in the labor market.
In addition to the classical training focused on political thought and political theory, it provides empirical and practical knowledge of politics.





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