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Double degree in Psychology + Philosophy
Course title

Double degree in Psychology + Philosophy

Academic area

Psychology / Humanities


4 years


On-site / Blended



426 ECTS

Student profile

Students who have an interest in the functioning of the human mind and working with people and who also have an interest in studying a traditional degree in Philosophy with a Christian philosophical perspective.

Admissions and enrolment

Application via website, submission of documentation and formalisation of admission at the University.

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Academic Calendar

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Degree in Philosophy organised alongside the Saint Theresa of Jesus Catholic University of Ávila

Why study at UAO CEU?

1. Double Degree in Psychology and Philosophy

New double degree in Psychology and Philosophy that allows students to earn two official degrees. 

2. Employability 

93.3 % of our Psychology students find employment at the end of their studies, 10 percentage points above the average for Catalan universities (AQU 2020 Jobs Survey)

3. Methodology

In the degree of Psychology, our teaching model is based on practical, personalised training, linking theory with professional practice, through placements at companies, schools, hospitals and day centres, along with practical workshops and seminars. We have more than 15 years’ experience offering professional education in psychology.

We promote an active, enterprising spirit in students, such as through the creation of the Psykhé Group. This group organises the Annual Conference of Students of Psychology, in which students present a project or study they have carried out in a specific area in the course of their degree. It reinforces early research activity and provides valuable experience in public presentations.

The degree in Philosophy can be taken in person or remotely. Students have the option of attending classes two afternoons a week at Abat Oliba CEU University or studying the course from anywhere in the world thanks to our online teaching platform. This format means the degree can be combined with other studies or made to fit around your job. 

3. Comprehensive options

Philosophy: Students can continue their studies after the undergraduate degree by taking the Official Master's Degree in Humanistic and Social Studies, a cross-disciplinary programme aimed at helping students access a PhD programme in the field of humanities and the social sciences.
Psychology: The Official Master's Degree in General Health Psychology enables students to practise the profession, whether they are self-employed or employed by others in the healthcare sector.


The Degree in Philosophy is organised by UAO CEU and the Saint Theresa of Jesus Catholic University of Ávila (UCAV), a Catholic university located in Ávila (Castilla y León). This university is well known for their experience in offering distance learning.

UCAV has three faculties: Social and Legal Sciences, Sciences and Arts, and Health Sciences.

4. Therapeutic Psychological Care Unit

Third- and fourth-year Psychology students attend master classes in Psychopathology as part of the Master’s Degree in General Health Psychology, taught at the Therapeutic Care Unit run by UAO CEU at the Sagrat Cor University Hospital - Quirónsalud Group, allowing them to experience real therapeutic sessions with patients.

5. Teaching staff

More than 70% of the teaching staff of our Degree in Psychology are professionally active, specialising in the subject they teach.

6. International agreements

UAO CEU offers students the chance to go on international exchanges across the European Union, in the following countries: Germany, Poland, Ireland, the Netherlands, France, Italy and Austria. We also have agreements outside the European Union, in the following countries: USA, Colombia, Argentina and Mexico.


Teaching staff


Career opportunities


Upon completion of the official degree programmes in Psychology and Philosophy, students will be able to pursue a career in the following fields:

- Psychological care and guidance in health, education, welfare, judicial system and penitentiary centres, 
- Psychological care and guidance in psychology and speech therapy offices
- Teaching and research
- Cultural management and mediation
- Ethical, political and cultural advice and consultancy, etc.
- Editorial management






universidad plazas Cod.Universidad Requisitos de idioma
Universidad Católica de Argentina 4* AR UCA Spanish
Universidad Fasta 2* AR UFASTA Spanish


universidad plazas Cod.Universidad Requisitos de idioma
Universidad Finis Terrae - Santiago 2* CL FT Spanish
Universidad del Desarrollo 2* CL UDD Spanish


universidad plazas Cod.Universidad Requisitos de idioma
Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Seccional Cali 2* CO JAVE Spanish


universidad plazas Cod.Universidad Requisitos de idioma
Medical School Berlin 2 D BERLIN38 German B2


universidad plazas Cod.Universidad Requisitos de idioma
Institut de Philosophie Comparée (IPC) 1 F PARIS350 French B2
Toulouse Catholic University 2* F TOULOUSE09 French B2/English B2


universidad plazas Cod. Universidad Requisitos de idioma
Maynooth University 12 IRL MAYNOOT01 English B2


universidad plazas Cod.Universidad Requisitos de idioma
Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore 6 I MILANO03 Italian B1+/English TOEFL 79 o IELTS 6.0
Università Suor Orsola Benincasa 3 I NAPOLI04 Italian B1
Libera Università Maria Assunta LUMSA 10 I ROMA04 Italian B1/English B1
Università Europea di Roma 2 I ROMA23 Italian B1


universidad plazas Cod.Universidad Requisitos de idioma
Reichman University 2* IS HERZ01


universidad plazas Cod.Universidad Requisitos de idioma
Universidad Anáhuac México 2* MX UAMN Spanish/TOEFL 89 o IELTS 7.0
Universidad Panamericana 2* MX UP Spanish
Universidad Iberoamericana 2* MX IBERO Spanish
Universidad del Valle de Atemajac 2* MX UNIVA Spanish


universidad plazas Cod.Universidad Requisitos de idioma
Tilburg University 2* NL TILBURG 01 English B2


universidad plazas Cod.Universidad Requisitos de idioma
Universidad de Lima 2* PE Lima Spanish
Universidad de Piura 2* PE UDEP Spanish
Universidad Católica San Pablo 2* PE UCSP Spanish


universidad plazas Cod.Universidad Requisitos de idioma
Universidade Catolica de Lisboa (Lisboa) 3 P LISBOA01 Portugese A2/English B2


universidad plazas Cod.Universidad Requisitos de idioma
University of Warsaw 2 PL WARSZAW01 Polish B2/English B2


universidad plazas Cod.Universidad Requisitos de idioma
Sheffield Hallam University 4* UK SHEFFIE02 English B2, IELTS 6.0


universidad plazas Cod.Universidad Requisitos de idioma
Catholic University of America 4* US CUA TOEFL 80 IBT
University of the Incarnate Word 2* US UIW TOEFL iBT 79/ Cambridge English Advanced Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) C1/ TOEIC 650/ IELTS 6.5
University of Missouri - St. Louis 4* US UMSL TOEFL minimum iBT score: 61 (PBT: 500, CB: 173) IELTS minimum score: 5.5
Saint Thomas University Houston 2* US UST TOEFL 550


universidad plazas Cod. Universidad Requisitos de idioma
Universidad Católica de Uruguay 2* URY UCU Spanish
*: Places are distributed across degree programmes.

Fees and scholarships


€ 10,786*

*Price for the 2024-25 academic year

Price corresponding to the current credit distribution for the double degree in the 1st year, subject to possible modifications in credit distribution.

Tuition fees correspond, solely and exclusively, to the provision of teaching as part of the programme enrolled on, and this is the only service offered in exchange for the payment of those fees. By enrolling, the student accepts that decisions made by the competent authorities may, directly or indirectly, render it necessary to carry out teaching, tutoring, work placements or assessment tests either in person or via distance learning.

The student accepts that they remain obliged to pay any such fees in full even if, for reasons beyond the control of the University, some of the educational activities included in the degree cannot be carried out as initially provided for in the course guides at the beginning of the academic year. If restrictions are part in place, the University will provide the student with a guarantee that the activity will be rescheduled when possible, taking into consideration the interests of the student and any other applicable academic criteria.


Once you've been accepted on the course, you can reserve your place at Abat Oliba CEU University, which guarantees you a place on the course, before you pass the “selectivity” university entrance exam* or other entry requirements. You can do this by making a payment of €1500 (which will be deducted from the total price of the course).

*Reservation of your place will be effective exclusively for the ordinary examination period (June) of the Baccalaureate University Entrance exam. Candidates who do not pass the Baccalaureate University Entrance exam or other access requirements for similar studies in the ordinary period (June), and have paid the Place Reservation Fee, will have priority in the September enrolment if the University has places available in the degree course requested.

Cancelling your place after reservation: students have until 21 June to cancel their reserved place. This means you can book now and cancel if your circumstances change later on.**

**Deadline subject to changes in the official registration calendar


Contact the Information Service if you want us to help you draw up a personalised economic plan.
Telephone: +34 932 53 72 00
[email protected]

Quality and regulation


The student must have an interest in aspects related to the functioning of the human mind and dealing with people. They must also be skilled in biology and the sciences, with an interest in the ultimate foundations of human life; skilled with problem analysis, diagnosis and solving; ability to analyse, synthesise and work as a team; excellent understanding and abstraction, expression, sociability, a broad view of the world and a perspective as to changing trends; a concern for the good of people and respect for their inalienable dignity.

People with an interest in studying a degree in Philosophy that takes an approach based on Christian Philosophy.