🎓 Therapeutic care

Psychological Therapeutic Care Unit


The Psychological Therapeutic Care Unit is a health centre of Abat Oliba CEU University, based at Hospital Universitari Sagrat Cor, and is focussed on healthcare, teaching and research.

The Unit offers assessment and treatment for various disorders and difficulties, with reduced fees for members from our university community (students, teaching and research staff and administrative and service staff), as well as for students from schools in the Abat Oliba Foundation.

  • Care

    Assessment and treatment of children and adolescents and adults:

    Affective Disorders
    Anxiety Disorders
    Personality Disorders
    Behavioural Disorders
    Neurodevelopmental Disorders

    It also offers family therapy, forensic psychology and psychiatric support.
  • Teaching

    Clinical supervision of professionals, individually or as groups.
    Official Master’s Degree in General Health Psychology

  • Montse Giner Lladós. Director of the unit. Clinical psychologist for adults. Family therapist.

  • Simón García-Ventura. Health psychologist. Assistant to management.

  • José Enrique Armengou Orús. Psychiatrist.

  • Paula Pérez Laporta. Health psychologist.

  • María Manich Gallemí. Health psychologist.

  • Cristiana Siia Alexe. Health psychologist. International Unit Coordinator.

  • Asunción Agustina Sanllehí. Psychologist and mediator.


Therapeutic Psychological Care Unit
C/ Londres 38, 3a Planta - 08029 Barcelona
Tel. 93 252 14 20 - [email protected]